EN – Anse de Sable

Located in Baie-des-Rochers in the tourist region of Charlevoix, the Anse-de-Sable trail is not only beautiful, it also ends up on a huge beach. The trail is 4 km and is in the Parc municipal de Baie-des-Rochers. It’s a pretty easy trail and the parking and trail are both free!

To get there, you need to turn on Rue de la Chapelle from the 138 once you get to Baie-des-Rochers. You keep going on this road and eventually it becomes Chemin de la mer. At the end of the road you’ll find the parking. Note that it fills up quickly so you might want to get there in the morning. The park has two other trails, Sentier de la chute à ma Grand-mère and Sentier de la coulée des Mâts.

Anse de sable (1).jpg

And the cherry on top…

The town allows people to do backcountry camping anywhere in the park. So bring your camping gear and you can set it up on the beach, for free!

  • Tourist region: Charlevoix
  • Level: Beginner
  • Dogs on leash are allowed 
  • About 5h from Montreal

Chemin de la mer, Baie-des-Rochers

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