EN – Guides Canins

Last week I felt like letting Enzo run off leash. So I decided to try the trails at Guides Canins. Guides Canins is actually a training centre located in St-Lazare, not too far from Montreal.

There are four different trails, each associated with a colour. In total, it’s about 5 km of trails where your dog can run off leash if his recall is good. The center recommends using a long leash for dogs in training or dogs that don’t have a good recall.

Once again I made a little video to show you what the trails are like. You can even see Enzo’s awesome recall in the beginning! 😀


We walked for 1h30 and Enzo had soooo much fun! We went during the week so we only saw one other person on the trails. Enzo was able to run ahead of me and then run back to me. He was super tired at the end of the walk. The trails are great for beginner hikers. We can also use them for canicross and skijoring! I really appreciated the fact that they put many garbage cans along the path.

The landscape is beautiful and it’s definitely a great place to do a doggie photoshoot.

Guides Canins

The entrance fee is 5,00$ but you can also buy a membership.

  • Tourist region: Montérégie
  • Level: Beginner
  • Dogs are allowed off leash
  • About 45 minutes from Montreal

1200A, Montée Poirier
Saint-Lazare, J7T 0L7

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