EN – Les Sentiers de la presqu’île

What a great discovery it was when we finally went to Les Sentiers de la presqu’île! I had heard about this place countless times but never actually went. Dogs are allowed to run off leash so I was expecting a really busy trail, but no! We walked for 2 hours and only met 2 other dogs.

But where are Les Sentiers de la presqu’île?

The other great thing about this place is that it’s pretty close to Montreal (where we live). It’s located in Repentigny, so about 30-40 minutes from Montreal. Obviously, Montreal being a big city, it might take you longer depending on where you live… and the traffic! We left around 8am on a Sunday morning so we were able to avoid traffic altogether. We put the address on our GPS and it brought us right in the parking lot. AMA-ZING!

Les Sentiers de la presqu'île

Another thing to know, there is an entrance fee to have access to the trails. It’s not very expensive and it helps them make sure the trails are always clean and in good condition. For hiking, it is 5,00$ per adult and 3,00$ per kid. For snowshoeing it’s 6,00$ per adult and 5,00$ per kid. There is also a 1,50$ fee per dog. If you feel like going more than once during the year (they are open from fall to sring), they offer a membership.

We were there for about 2 hours. Enzo had such a great time. He got to run freely, meet doggie friends and play with sticks, lots of sticks!

This place is really awesome if your dog likes running and has a good recall. If you think your dog may end up ignoring you when you call him back, a leash might be a better option. We especially like our canicross gear, which lets Enzo pull as much as he wants without breaking my arms hehe!

  • Tourist region: Lanaudiere
  • Level: Beginner
  • Dogs are allowed off leash
  • 30-40 minutes from Montreal

Les Sentiers de la presqu’île
2001 rue Jean Pierre
Repentigny, J5Z 0C3

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Audrée and Enzo xx




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