EN – Mont Gosford

In 2016 during labour day weekend, my friend Sabrina and I decided to spend the weekend hiking in the Eastern Townships. We hiked Mont Pinacle and Mont Gosford. I’ll keep Mont Pinacle’s article for another today, today I’m telling you all about Mont Gosford.

Mont Gosford is located in St-Augustin de Woburn, near the US borders. It’s the 7th highest summit in Quebec with a 1193 metres altitude. Obviously, with the summit being that high, the view can only be amazing.

Gosford (1)

Before the hike, you need to pay the access fee in the main building. Fees are 11,00$ per car (including the driver) and 5,00$ per adult. Once you paid, you drive to Pavillon Rose-Delima where you’ll find a little parking. The trail starts right next to that parking. The hike is 8,4 km in total, 4,2 km to get to the summit and 4,2 km to get down.

At the beginning of the trail there’s a water stream and the trail follows it for a little while. It’s great because dogs can splash around if they get too hot. After that, you just need to follow the signs to the summit. We took our time and often stopped for pictures and it took us around 4 hours in total. It is, however, possible to do a longer hike, by parking directly by the main building and starting there.

  • Tourist region: Easter Townships
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Dogs on leash are allowed 
  • About 3h from Montreal

901, rang Tout-de-Jois
St-Augustin de Woburn

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Audrée and Enzo xx


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