EN – Mont Ham

** 2019 update: Dogs are now allowed one weekend per month. More info here: https://montham.ca/avec-mon-chien/ **

I grew up in the Eastern Townships and we used to go to Mont Ham every year. It was actually mandatory. Every fall, when the leaves turn yellow, orange and red, my family and I would go for a hike there. Let’s just say I was not the most enthusiastic kid when we went, outdoor activities weren’t my thing.

I rediscovered Mont Ham when they put together a pilot project that would allow dogs in the trails for a few weekends a year. It started in 2016 with three weekends. In 2017, they allowed dogs for 6 weekends and now in 2018 they’re allowed for 7 weekends! That means dog owners have been responsible and followed the leash law. Good job! 🙂

Mont Ham

Last time we went hiking there, we took the trail called Button (3,8 km) to get to the top of the mountain, and the trail called Panoramique (2,1 km) to go back down. The mountain top is huge and the view is incredible, you can see a full 360°. Plus, when we were there last winter, there was no one else at the top so we were able to enjoy it all by ourselves. Well, we didn’t stay too long, the wind is pretty strong up there…

Source: http://montham.ca/fr/carte-des-sentiers#1

If you go during the winter months, spiked are highly recommended. The good news is that you can rent them there! That’s right! For 5,00$ you can rent them for the day.

As I was saying before, in 2018 dogs are allowed for 7 weekends:

  • January 19th-22nd
  • March 16th-19th
  • May 18th-21st
  • July 20th-23rd
  • September 14th-17th
  • November 16th-19th
  • December 14th-17th

Dogs must be kept on a leash and owners must pick up after their dogs.

Lastly, the entrance fees (including taxes) are 8,00$ for an adult, 18,00$ for a family of 2 adults with kids, 3,50$ for 6-17 years old, free for kids 5 years old and under and 6,00$ for students and adults over 64 years old.

  • Tourist region: Eastern Townships
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Dogs on leash are allowed (see dates)
  • About 2h20 from Montreal

103, route 257 Ouest
Ham-Sud, J0B 3J0

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Audrée and Enzo xx

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