EN – Mont du Dôme

Mont du Dôme is certainly one of my favourite hikes in Quebec! I mean, it’s probably because I had such a hard time getting to the summit, it made it even more worth it! There is, however, an easier trail to take, I just didn’t see it.

First things first, how do we get to Mont du Dôme? So, you need to follow route 381 towards Saint-Urbain and stop at kilometre 27 to pay the access fee (11,50$ per vehicle) at the Zec des Martres. As you’ll drive there, you’ll notice that you went past the parking lot for Mont du Dôme, it’s normal. Once you paid the fee, you come back to the parking lot, at kilometre 23. From there you can start the hike.

There are two different trails to get to the summit. A difficult but shorter one, and a long but easy one. We took the difficult one. We walked until we saw a cabin on our left. From there, we took a new trail that went right. This trail is harder because you need to climb a lot of rocks and it’s not exactly ideal if you have a dog. There is a sign to the easier path on the main trail when you start the hike. It’s going to be on your right.


Mont du Dôme

Mont du Dôme is a great alternative to the Parc national des Grands-Jardins where dogs are still not allowed. It is located very close by, you’ll even drive past the park on your way to the Dôme. The good news is that Mont du Dôme is not as well known and therefore there are fewer hikers. You definitely won’t have to wait to take a picture at the top. We were all alone for a good 20 minutes.

The hike is about 4 hours but a bit shorter if you take the difficult trail.

  • Tourist region: Charlevoix
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Dogs on leash are allowed 
  • About 4h from Montreal

Kilometre 23, route 381

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Audrée and Enzo xx


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